With electric bikes, military border guards can patrol with silence Patrolling Duty

The Norwegian-Russian border is 196 kilometers long and there is a rough Terrain which goes along the river banks of Pasvik and Grense Jakobselv. This border goes across remote mountains which are even far away from normal roads. The GSV in Norway a became a Schengen member around 15 years ago and patrolled the border with a good amount of vehicles during the summer as well as winter periods In vehicles as well as snowmobiles depending on the situation.

One of the biggest challenges when patrolling is the size and the weight of the vehicle and also the noise of the vehicle which makes it predictable for the people around there to guess the vehicle.

In case they are searching for people who are illegal and crossing the borders in the wilderness, this is a problem which is limiting the capabilities of the. Now, the electric bicycles are being tested by the green uniform soldiers so that they can travel using those Electric bikes anywhere. What this will do is help with reducing pollution and make it eco-friendly.

This will also help with checking the practical as well as practical benefits. There will be low sound useful to help them catch the people who are illegally crossing the border easily because they will not be predictable enough. The technical characteristics of the bicycles are being tested by them so that they can be set for the border guards.

If the means of transport can cover a good amount of area as well as move quickly, this will have a good effect on them. They are only having positive experiences so far and they have some doubts in mind but they will be able to stop the quivering of those doubts soon enough and they will make it a substitute for almost all the other vehicles.

They know that this is not a vehicle which can be used for all the jobs of patrolling but this can be used as a substitute for most of the things.

Operational Benefits

The operational benefits are really high and that is the reason that is one of the many tools they should have in the future so that they can go on smoothly. No matter what the Terrain type, be at a rough or smooth or uneven, the bikes will be able to ride on those terrains easily.

There are only a few migrants who have been able to cross the border illegally but according to the latest reports, there is a high amount of increase in the illegal attempts by migrants to cross the border. All of the attempts have led to them being arrested by the border Guards before they reach the borderline.

This will not only help the people getting any problems but will also have the shoulders to prevent future problems so that people cannot cross the border illegally in the first place. we hope that this will be of help to the shoulders and more and more soldiers will implement this eco-friendly system in order to accomplish their job.

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