VW adds electric cargo bike to a new fleet of zero-emission working vehicles

Volkswagen has introduced something like a fleet of electric and hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles which generate a good revenue at the IAA commercial vehicles in Hannover. There are four different types of electronic vans which are included for Transport as well as cargo used but there is also an electric cargo bike which has been included.

This is a good solution for the long haul routes, Auburn as well as the last Mile delivery and this is also an option for the people who are traders.

The Volkswagen Crafter Hymotion

This is a bit heavier at the end of the series and this is powered by hydrogen fuelled Crafter. It carries a 4.2 kg hydrogen tank and 13.1A per hour lithium ion battery which will help the people travel a distance for 350 kilometers without refueling this car.

The Volkswagen Crafter Hymotion

According to the company, this is near the production stage but whether this car will reach the market or not will be dependent upon the analysis if the product will be profitable.

I.D.Buzz Cargo

I.D. BUZZ Cargo

This is also in the concept stages and this concept is of a cargo van. Volkswagen wants to fight this van with special shelving for sparkys and technicians in mind. This will help them track and deliver items which are necessary to complete the job. The items will be stored on the shelves at the push of a button.

ABT e-caddy and e-transporter

These are small delivery vans which are designed by keeping the Urban population in mind so that they can deliver in collaboration with a strategic partner ABT. This will fill a gap which is prominent in the automakers electrified commercial vehicle range.

The first one is the smaller of the two with a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour. This is somehow a lot faster than something which is needed for urban delivery. The battery installed in this product is a 37.3 Kilowatt per hour battery and 82 kilowatts electric motor and a range of up to 20 kilometers.

The latter is the heavier version and the battery is 37.3 kilowatts power battery as well but this one also has an optional version of a 74.6 kilowatts power which will give the range of 200 or 400 kilometers according to the Volkswagen company.

Cargo e-bike

This is best electric bike of 2020 which will be available for sale in march is designed for a customer who wants to travel the last Mile and it can also be used in factories or hotels. This is not something to be traveling around in because the 250 Watts electric motor will offer a speed of 25 km per hour. The payload which you can use is a maximum of 210 kilograms and it is equipped with two wheels at the front. These commercial electronic vehicles are usable in a lot of applications.

According to a VW spokesperson, “We see this sector as an important part of our local EV rollout and have already received great interest from our corporate customers.”

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