06 February 2011

DIY long recumbent

Another cabin fever project: a long-wheel base racer recumbent. This is based on Atomic Zombie's Marauder from his book, but with modifications as I go along. Why a long recumbent? Supposedly, above 20 mph or so, a rider is primarily limited by wind resistance. If you want to go faster, you must overcome that.

Unfortunately, recumbents (and their riders) usually look like this.

Atomic Zombie works hard to make recumbents look a little bit cooler...

I'm not sure I'll look much cooler than either of these guys, but fuck it... I want to ride fast!

The main frame is made from three pieces of 1"-square tubing. The front wheel is 20", and will be steered via rod (much like my Bakfiets), the rear is 26". The rear fork is made from an old fork (the seat stays) and some 1/2"-square tubing (the chain stays). The wheel-base is 6'10".

I've got a lot more work to do, but progress is coming along very well: I've got two wheels and cranks. Still need: steering, brakes, transmission.

This thing is so long it's hard to photograph. See the whole set on flickr.

Wheels on a stick.

Wheels on a stick

Bottom bracket

Joe with the Rear triangle.

Thank you Cyclab for letting me keep the intermediates and a lot of tools in your shop!


Beth said...

Never thought I could make my own recumbent bike! Looks easy enough if I can get my hands on all the materials. Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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