20 May 2009

I'm off to India

I leave for India tonight! I'll be back in September.

19 May 2009

Power Steering Fluid Pump, Mercedes-Benz 190E (W201)

The girlfriend and I spent an hour trying to find the power steering fluid reservior on a Mercedez-Benz 190E (a.k.a. W201). Even the internet didn't know. We found it again, in hopes that the next guy finds it easy.

Power Steering Pump; Mercedes-Benz 190E (W201)

This is the power steering pump in a Mercedes-Benz 190E (a.k.a W201). The top of the power steering pump is the power steering reservoir.

Simply unscrew the black nut on top, and remove the lid. You should extract the old fluid using something like a turkey baster (which, of course, you should never use on food again). Then fill it mostly to the top (owner's manual says 0.6L).

Good Quote: Le Corbusier

... Man's stock of tools marks out the stages of civilization, the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age. Tools are the result of successive improvement; the effort of all generations is embodied in them. The too is the direct and immediate expression of progress; it gives man essential assistance and essential freedom also. We throw the out-of-date tool on the scrap-heap: the carbine, the culverin, the growler and the old locomotive. The action is a manifestation of health, of moral health, of morale also; it is not right that we should produce bad things because of a bad tool; nor is it right that we should waste our energy, our health and our courage because of a bad tool; it must be thrown away and replaced.

Le Corbusier
in "Towards a New Architecture"
Translated by Frederick Etchells