09 September 2009

Welcome Back to America: Door-to-Door Christians

So, I've been back in the country for a week now. In some ways it's really nice to be here, and in others it's driving me crazy. In particular, I've have two visits from door-to-door Christians in as many days.

The first visit came during the daytime, and I tried to politely refuse. I even wished them a good afternoon.

But tonight, they started banging on my door at 9pm, while I was in bed. I tried to ignore them, but they banged again, making me think that my neighbors had some emergency. So, I got up, opened the door, and a well-dressed young man proudly announced "Hi, we're Christians!"

I slammed the door in their face.

And although, in this second situation, I think that the solicitors were behaving obnoxiously, I still feel a need to explain why. Certainly, they thought they were doing something good. Let me express an alternate interpretation of the interaction. When you come to my house and try to tell me about your religion, here is what I hear:
"Hello, we don't really care what you believe because we are right and you are wrong. Although popular culture has presented ample evidence that many people do not appreciate our presence, and although we should respect that you may have a different opinion, we chose to ignore what you believe and what you want, and to instead impose our will on you."
No matter how you sugar-coat it, it's as rude a statement as is possible. I shouldn't have to post "no soliciting" to escape this.

Just be glad I don't knock on your door to tell you how you're wrong.