22 December 2008

This town sucks...

I get home every night around 9pm. All I want to do is order some food. Everything in this town is closed.

Princeton sucks.

10 December 2008

What to do about Detroit

(Caution, politics follow)

Seth Godin has a brilliant post on what to do about the big three auto makers:

Not only should Congress encourage/facilitate the organized bankruptcy of the Big Three, but it should also make it easy for them to be replaced by 500 new car companies.

Or perhaps a thousand.

That's how many car companies there were 90 years ago.

Read the rest.

08 December 2008

JFC it's a hovering muderbot!

From Engadget,

Are you ready for a vision of your inevitable end at the hands of a hovering murderbot? Feast your eyes, then, on this video of the Missile Defense Agency's MKV-L -- or as we like to call it, the Multiple Kill Vehicle. The device -- meant to be used in a bundle of missile interceptors deployed by a larger "carrier" -- has apparently just completed its first flight test, so... you've been warned, resistance is futile, he'll be back, and in space no one can hear you scream.

Stop-motion video.

Not sure if the term ``stop-motion'' even applies, but this is spectacular:

Watch Nightmare in the Valley of the Dolls in Entertainment Videos | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

And it doesn't seem too hard to make (though getting David Byrne to write the score may be harder). Perhaps a weekend project...