01 November 2008

I am very pissed at Acer right now

I recently purchased an Acer B203W widescreen flatpanel monitor. All I am trying to do is adjust the f*king stand to raise the monitor, but I can't figure it out. Worst of all, the instructions do not cover the locking mechanism for the monitor stand, and the Acer website claims there is no instruction manual for this product.

I called their customer support, but it's closed.

I read and reread the meager instructions supplied, and they don't mention this feature at all.

I googled, but mention Acer B203W and all you'll find is stores trying to sell the flatscreen.

So that's it. Screw you Acer. You have a bad rep in the blogomotron.


Dennis Ferron said...

Ironic - we just purchased an Acer product ourselves: my wife and I bought an Acer Aspire One netbook to share. We're actually very happy with our Acer laptop, but I have to agree with you: where's the documentation, Acer?? I bought a coffee maker the same day; the coffee maker came with a bigger manual!

I had to boot Windows to find what kind of hardware the laptop had in it, because basic things like the size of the hard drive, or even how much RAM it had in it, were not given anywhere.

Anonymous said...

The instructions for doing more than just attaching the monitor base are on the CD included with the monitor. I just got my monitor set-up in portrait mode. (took about 30 seconds ... after I read the manual)