05 November 2008

And now...

[warning: politics follow]

I'm excited about the results of the election, not because I'm glad that the Democrats won, but for the hope that an opposition party has taken control of the legislature and executive. The distinction is subtle, and all hinges on whether or not the Democrats will finally step up to the plate and offer a new direction.

Over the last eight years, I saw the Democratic party crippled. They were afraid to even speak against Bush for many years after September 11. More recently, they have felt more free to criticize the Republican Platform, but as far as I can tell, they didn't present any alternative. Anyone who is surprised that Bush won in 2004 should observe that it was a failing of the Democrats in 2004.

But now, the future is open. Obama has inherited a huge mess, and I don't know how well he will be able to deal with it---the war, the economy, and the nations energy policy at large. I hope they can accomplish something. I hope we don't just see four years of apologists.

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