30 June 2008

flickr hack: how to remove the newfangled flash uploader using adblock

When you upload photos to flickr through there web interface, it will try to use their fancy flash file uploader. Personally, I prefer the "basic uploader," which is accessible from a link at the bottom of the uploader page.

Here's a quick hack on how to automatically use the basic uploader using adblock. The trick is this. First, flickr tries to insert the uploader flash object. If javascript on that page determines that it was not loaded, it will fall back to the basic uploader. If you use adblock to block the flash uploader, then you will automatically go to the basic uploader.

So, log in to flickr, go to the upload page, and then block the following url using adblock:


Quick an easy, and hella useful


Siraf said...

You know, I had to do the same thing on the citibank page in ubuntu. The flash seems to overlay over everything, so I couldn't even get to the log-in.

Ice Dragon said...
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