11 April 2008

One liner updates

I have accepted Princeton's offer. In September, I will be a graduate student at the Computer Science Department at Princeton University.

The weather has been beautiful recently.

Work is going well. I work at a rate of one todo list page per day. There, I have observed quite a bit about ruby on rails, and I think I'll have to post about that soon.

My mother is coming to visit soon.

Although I had a minor in math, I still think that taxes are confusing. The astute reader will note that math is not arithmetic.

I just went through a week of infirmity... Something gastrointestinal. I'm happy to report that has passed.

I've been playing with my lathe a lot. I built a crank puller, as I said I would. Now I just need to convince myself to stop making minor changes to it, and to move on to a new project.

My apartment has a mouse. I'm trying really hard to kill it, but it is apparently smart enough to take the cheese off of the traps without dying. Bastard!

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