07 March 2008

Multi-color lamp from (some) reused materials

I've seen this style of fabric-draped, muted-light lamp all over new york recently. I decided to build my own, and make it glow funny colors.

Lamp schematicThe schematic is really simple; I wanted to keep it that way. A PIC16 is used to create three PWM signals. Those three signals feed into three NPN transistors to drive a stack of colored LEDs. I proper design would use resistors both at the base and the emitter, but I was lazy last night.

Also, this thing has source code.

Lamp Board - Obverse
Tryin' to keep it simple. I put it on some perf board, and wire wrapped it. I tried to space the LEDs evenly on both sides of the board. The obverse:

Lamp Board - ReverseAnd the reverse.

Lamp wire-frame
Then, I made a frame out of two coat hangers. I wrapped them with some packaging material from my new job's recent Ikea visit, and sewed it on.

Lamp ShadeIt starts to look a little bit better as more sewing is done.

Finally, it looks like this in the dark:

1 comment:

Georgi said...

I like the idea of funny things made yourself. Also the "keep it simple" approach leads to faster realization and more time for fun. I believe the lamp looks great.
Enjoy your creation.