04 February 2008

Upcoming events in New York

"Fun with Fiberglass: Basic Composite Fabrication," 4 February 2008 (TONIGHT) and 11 February 2008, at LemurPlex in Brooklyn (map), 6:30--9:00pm. Free (as far as I can tell) $215 workshop on building composite doo-hickeys.

"123 Community Space Bicycle Workshop", 6 February 2008 and every Wednesday, at 123 Tompkins (map), Brooklyn, 6:00pm--whenever; also 9 February 2008 and every Saturday, 2:00pm--whenever. Use our parts and tools, and get our expert advice, on how to fix your bike or build one from scratch.

"Brooklyn Critical Mass," 8 February 2008 and every second Friday of the month, at Grand Army Plaza (map), Brooklyn, 7:00pm--9:00pm-ish. Ride around Brooklyn in a big group to support bike rights. Police are generally more cooperative than Manhattan, but bring your lights!

"2600 NYC Meeting," 7 March 2008 and every first Friday of the month, in the Atrium of Citigroup Center at 153 E 3rd Ave (map), Manhattan, 5pm. Your bag will be x-rayed upon entry, photos not allowed.

"Electromechanical Systems and Robots for Artists," 29 March 2008, at LemurPlex in Brooklyn (map), 12:30pm--5:00pm. Free (as far as I can tell) $300. Might be really cool, might totally suck.

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