07 February 2008

Snowboarding in the city is lame

Snowboarding in Union Square ParkEarlier today I mentioned that there would be some soft of a snowboarding exposition in Union Square Park. I hear they trucked in snow from New Jersey for this event--even though it snowed two days ago here, the last two days have had unseasonably warm weather.

This event, like every free event in the city, was a thin coating advertisements by Jeep and some companies hocking their snow timeshares. The snowboarding wasn't too impressive either, though I blame that on the minimal course, not on the 12 year old athletes.

Jeep ad exploits bicycles More interesting, however, was one particular Jeep ad, shown on the right. I'm not sure if the bikes are meant to resemble a downhill descent, or how everything in new york has a bike locked to it. Either way, it kind of pissed me off when I saw it.

Why? Because I think that automobiles are antithetical to everything bikes stand for. You don't need a car to ride a bike, in fact, if you have a bike you don't need a car. Their presence should advertise against Jeep, not for it.

And oh yeah, they wouldn't let me lock my bike to it.

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