13 February 2008

Register.com gave me a free domain today!

So, today, Register.com gave me a free domain name for a year. This blog can now be reached at www.cheaphack.net. You should note that cheaphack.net (without the www) still points to the domain squatter site; I hope to fix that soon.

What's the catch? I'm not sure yet. But here's what I did, and I bet you could do it too:

  1. I called (866) 921-8086 (as indicated in the email) and told them I was offered a free domain registration for a year. They asked for a promotion code, and I told them my email didn't contain one.
  2. I selected a domain name, and declined all additional services. They requested a credit card, but didn't bill anything.
  3. I logged in, and set up a CNAME record, for *.cheaphack.net pointing to blogger (per the blogger.com instructions).
  4. After that, I had to call tech support (888) 734-4783 to get them to disable auto-renew. Once auto-renew was disabled, I deleted my credit card number from my account.
So, this should have cost me nothing. Let me know if it works for you.

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