05 February 2008

NOOO!! My wishlist lathe is no longer available

I had planned to buy this lathe when I had gotten up the spare cash. At $399, the price was great, the reviews were great, and it came with tons of accessories (like a faceplate, steady rest, a slew of change gears, a few tool blanks). It was almost within my reach.

But, no... Cummins Industrial Tools is now ToolsNow.com, and instead of this great lathe, they sell some inferior lathe for more than twice the price. The problem, I suppose, were all of those jerks over at ebay who were auctioning this thing, starting at $500. They basically told the CIT/ToolsNow folks to raise their prices.

This ruins my evening. fr0wnx0r.

1 comment:

Nick Johnson said...

It's back!!!