05 February 2008

My NYC Democratic Primary Predictions

I predict that Manhattan voters will vote for Hillary, and Brooklyn voters will vote for Obama. Overall, I think Obama will win the NY primary.

Recent graffiti near Atlantic Yards

On a darker note, let me take the opportunity to say that I hate closed primaries. I grew up in Virginia, where no one would expect you to declare your political affiliations to the government (other than, of course, your anonymous ballot).

When I moved to NYC, one of the first things I did was register to vote, and as any good son of Virginia, I did not declare any party affiliations. The result? I can't vote in the primaries. This is crap, but closed primaries are how they do it in New York.

How else might one do it? Well, in Virginia, you could vote in any primary you wanted, so long as you voted in no more than one. A democrat could vote in a republican primary (I have done that before), or in a democratic primary (I've also done that).

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