20 January 2008

Wind-proof toes

After you've patched those innertubes one time too many, you realize that you already have enough old innertubes repurposed as bungee chords. You need another way to reuse them.

At the same time, realize that winters in New York are really, really cold (I'm a Virginia native) and really windy. Although you can usually put ten layers on your hands, chest, arms, fact, whatever, it's pretty difficult to layer things onto your feet.

Enter the Wind-proof toes. Take one old innertube, and cut in in half, discarding the valve. Use one half for each shoe. The toe portion is about two 6-in lenghts of innertube, slit lengthwise.

Sew it together with normal needle and thread, or use a leather needle if you have one handy.

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