24 January 2008

Meet me at IDIOTAROD this Saturday!

Whoo hoo I'm excited!!! The IDIOTAROD happens on Saturday, 26 Jan, 2008!dont-steal-my-shopping-cart

For those of you unfamiliar, the IDIOTAROD (compare to iditerod) is a traditional Brooklyn shopping cart race, and is prime ground to indulge in idiocy. Teams are encouraged to mod their shopping carts, though they must ultimately be propelled by a human dog team.

The race begins in four locations:
  • Long Island City: Water Taxi (hey wait! that's in Queens)
  • DUMBO: Water Taxi
  • Williamsburg: Water Taxi
  • Greenpoint: India St.
I will not be racing, but I'll be watching. I'll probably watch from DUMBO, though I'm tempted to watch from Williamsburg. See you there!

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