27 January 2008

Idiotarod 2008 was farkin' awesome

Idiotarod 2008 :: At the fake checkpoint

I had a blast.

The race was all about misinformation. Despite what the website said, the race actually began in Chinatown. I went down to DUMBO, and met some people who were trying to set up a fake checkpoint. The goals was to waste the racers' time, and trick them into donning spandex--an instant disqualification.

So a trillion racers came to our checkpoint, drank, vomited, yelled, threw hommade flares at each other. What a blast. I followed some racers to the next few checkpoints, and then drank like crazy at the Moonshine pub in Redhook.
I definately want to participate more next year.

UPDATE: Here are some videos I took of the race, with my camera mounted on my handlebars.


And here's a video of dodgeball at the end in Columbia St.


adrogersam said...

looks pretty sweet, dodgeball especially. you're really rollin' with the bike cam & daily posts, keep it up...

Nick Johnson said...

Thanks Adam,

I've subscribed to your blog via google reader.

I went to Make:NYC tonight; tons of hardware hackers around, you would have liked it, one or two circuit benders there.

Keep posting!

Nick Johnson said...
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