20 January 2008

Freegan Events Calendar

Here's a calendar of upcoming Freegan events in NYC.

Highlights include:
  • Trash (read dumpster diving) tour, 21 Jan, 9:30pm on 38th st & 3rd ave
  • As well as weekly bike co-op hours on Wednesdays 6pm-, and Saturdays, 2pm-


simpole said...

Hello, I have travel plan to meet freegan in NY on Feb. Where can I get such events on Feb? thank you for this posting :)


Nick Johnson said...


Awesome. February calendars haven't been printed yet. You can always check for freegan events in nyc here: http://freegan.info/?page=Events

Or, you could just come by. There are many freegan groups in NYC; the one I'm acquainted with is at 123 Tompkins in Brooklyn, which is near stops for the G or JMZ trains. We have bike workshops on Wednesdays after 6pm, or Saturdays 2pm--late.

Maybe I'll see you in February.

simpole said...

Very kind of you. thank you.

Trash tour is impressive. We can communicate offline as well, awesome!

Do you know treehugger.com? want to know how it works in the states.

Nick Johnson said...

TreeHugger.com works fine here.