20 January 2008

Easy handlebar camera mount

This is fun. It's made out of two (2x) 5/16 bolts with washers, (1x) 1/4-20 bolt for the camera mount, and (a length of) 1/4" aluminum key stock. All of these parts were found on the streets of Brooklyn.

I use this to take time lapse videos of bike rides, such as:

1 comment:

Rob said...

The videos are fantastic!
May be a cool relaxing soundtrack can emprove the experience (ex: Lamb's songs).
I've found your blog from bikehacks.com.
I'm planning to do something similar with an old compact camera. I have a ball-head and some tools..
My only problem regards street hole and obstacles: i think that heavy jolts of the bike can damage the camera.
Any idea?
Thanks. Rob